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Meaning and history of tribal tattoos

The tribal tattoos are that category, spread by the nineties of the twentieth century, based on traditional tribal tattoos of tribe of various islands of Pacific, of Native American, and of Maori in New Zealand.

The style of these tattoos is characterized by abstract designs, usually made up exclusively of black strokes. These tattoos were designed to emphasize the musculature and the natural lines of the body.

The tribal tattoo is the first form of tattoo that we find in the history, in tribal cultures from around the world. The oldest tattooed known body is a man of the Bronze Age 5000 BC, found on an Italian glacier. In this body both arms, legs and torso with representations of mythical creatures were tattooed.

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The tattoos were practiced by both sexes, to adorn and beautify own body, as well as to express their personality. Usually were also used to identify the person to their origins, to its local identity and to own religious beliefs.

Today, the tribal tattoo is used as a sign to mark own individuality, outside of the roles imposed by society, that blurs the identities of various people.
The tribal drawings are a symbol of abstract figures, including images of dragons, birds, or bracelets, always with a particular style. It is also widespread the use of very intricate lines with geometric patterns repeated in order to represent the natural elements like fire, air and water.

One of the most popular designs from the female audience is the tribal rose, a very elegant design.

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