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Meaning sun and moon tattoo

Before became popular in the world of tattoo, sun and moon are always been the symbols very important for all cultures.

The sun is the quintessence of masculine energy, light and heat, while the moon is the symbol of the feminine mystery and of creation. United in one design, sun and moon are seen as an union of two opposites that coming together to create a harmonious unity.

They represent the two extremes of human nature, necessary to achieve balance and stability. The sun rises every day, heats and lights the earth as the moon illuminates the night sky, and its gravity affects the tides.

kiss sun moon tattooThe sun is seen so as active ingredient, while the moon is the passive principle. Therefore, the union of the sun and the moon is similar to yin and yang, or good and evil. Sometimes, the half sun braided to the moon symbolize love and marriage.

In many ancient cultures the Sun was conceived as a deity. His cult was central to many civilizations like Incas in the South of America, and Aztecs in Mexico.

Sun and moon can be designed in many different ways. Sometimes they are drawn with bright and vivid colours, sometimes with simple blacks strokes more or less subtle. They can also be combined with other elements, like stars, flowers, tribal lines or symbols of the zodiac.

The most used places to make sun and moon tattoo are neck, lower back, chest and arms. They are also drawn in the feet and lower abdomen.

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