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Meaning star tattoo

There are several reasons and meanings behind the stars tattoos. Tattooing a star may wish to communicate the desire to look like it, being seen in the imaginary well as a source of light, also of hope. The tattoo of a star may also represents a meaning of change in own live or the desire to achieve higher targets.

In some cultures a star meant a new birth, a wedding, an important and decisive event or the desire to change in better own lives.


The star is a classic item that sailors tattooed self because in the ship world the stars were an important means of orientation.

It is used the tattoos of stars with many variants. For example, it uses stars with inside the initials of names, stars more or less stylized but there are also stars with different numbers of points, each with its own meaning.

black white stars tattooBefore the use of compasses, sailors and travelers used the nautical star, or polestar, to find their routes. This tattoo symbolizes the desire to create their own path. It stands for the protection and guidance.

The five-pointed star can have two meanings. If it is facing upward, it is seen as a sign of balance and protection. Conversely, if it is downward, it symbolizes the Devil.

The six-pointed star or Star of David is a very important symbol in Judaism. It represents the union of Heaven and Earth, the balance between divine and human, the evolution.

The seven-pointed star is also known as the star of the fairies and it represents the wizardry, the childhood and the ability to communicate with the magical world.

The eight-pointed star was the emblem of the Knights of Malta and was also widespread among through the Crusaders.

The nine-pointed star is a magical symbol attached to the mother goddess, in Scandinavian mythology, it represented the nine worlds. For the esoterics it is the end of a cycle, for others it is a symbol of perfection.

The shooting stars may represent some moments that have marked own life. It could be a crush, accident, or a simple family holiday.

For men, the most common places for making a star tattoo are the upper arm, shoulder and wrist.
Instead, the most chosen places by women are the ankle, lower back, shoulder and wrist.

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