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Meaning of scorpion tattoo

The scorpion has always been one of the most charming insects. It is certainly famous for its unique body shape, and its sting. As tattoo it can be found in many cultures, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia to Africa.

In Egypt it was worshiped by women to relieve the pain of childbirth. Oil scorpion was much appreciated in many parts of Africa for its medicinal properties.

The scorpions were much appreciated by the people because of the inherent power given by its sting, which can become lethal to its victim. Bring the image of a scorpion is a way to implore its bite. Amulets with a scorpion are worn nowadays in Tibet and Egypt as a protection against evil elements.


For the Egyptians it represented a powerful guardian in the passage of souls to the afterlife. For the aborigines of Africa, however, the scorpion is associated with life. Its sting is said that has healing qualities, and for this reason the scorpion was very honored.

scorpion curved tail tattoo

Scorpion stings can give hallucinogenic effects. Hence the symbol of the transition to another reality, already mentioned. For this property, shamans used its venom to their spiritual journey. From this point of view, the tattoo of a scorpion may be considered a symbol of freedom against the beliefs about death.

The scorpion is a teacher of survival. It takes advantage of every opportunity to resist the hardships of its environment. This makes the scorpion symbol of victory over adversity.

One of the most famous symbols of the scorpion is found in Astrology. According to mythology, Orion was stung to death by the scorpion, owning to his arrogance. In fact he boasted that he could kill any animal, so the Earth sent the scorpion to strike him mortally. The characteristics of this zodiacal sign, evoked by this insect is the marked eroticism, whimsy and ability to react sharply to threats.

The most chosen positions for this tattoo are the ankle, the lower part of the back, the upper part of the arms and the hip, especially for women.

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