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History and Meaning of Lower Back Tattoos

Aside from the obvious importance of the design, the placement of your tattoo can say a lot more about you than the intended symbology behind it. Lower back tattoos are extremely popular among women, especially those born in the 80’s and 90’s, and yet is not so affectionately referred to as a “tramp stamp” by those with a less than open mind.

Various psychological associations believe that there is a very strong connection between tattoos and social deviant behaviour. The rise of popularity of low-rider jeans have also brought more attention to back tattoos, and it is thought that the more visible and bigger the tattoo, the more sexually available the woman will be. 

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This kind of tattoo will forever more be associated with a sexual nature because of its location. It is said that early Indian tribes placed branding marks on the backs of their women – almost like a very primitive wedding ring that you can’t take off.


What does a tattoo on the lower back on a woman symbolize?

Aside from the negative connotation and stigmata surrounding a lower back tattoo, many women choose this area because they can easily cover it up if they want. When the artist knows his stuff, the tattoo can be visually stunning if it merges with the flow of your hips and curves, and not against it. On a more practical note, the lower back is also the ideal canvas, as it is flat and spacious. If you are unsure, you can easily start with something small and expand your art later as you go along.

Regarding the symbology and meaning behind your lower back tattoo, the choice is completely up to you, as almost any design will work. Women often choose more delicate and softer designs. Among these, tribal, Celtic knots, butterflies, dragons, fairies, slogans, dolphins, stars, flowers and unicorns are the most popular choices.
That said, none of these ideas are exactly original, so if you are set on one of these designs, look for something a little more abstract with a decent artist who will set your tattoo apart from the rest.

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