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Meaning of gecko tattoo

The gecko is a lizard, small, much reproduced in the world of tattoos.

The common gecko lives near the houses and feeds on irritating insects as midges and mosquitoes. A quality that makes it as unique among lizards is that it has a “voice“: it issues sounds to communicate with its fellows, and when it is hungry makes a particular sound – ge-ko ge-ko – hence its name.

It’s a reptile very well widespread also in the Polynesian Islands. For the tribes of this area the gecko is a symbol of regeneration, adaptability, and survivability. To this reptile were attributed the supernatural powers.


traditional gecko tattoo

The gecko teaches to man for surviving that the man must be able to adapt to any situation and always find the strength to go forward even in difficult situations.
This animal is also popular in the West which sees it as a mascot animal.

Among Native Americans the gecko and all lizards are usually a symbol of good luck and good fortune; they are also an emblem of conservation and agility, who unites the lovers and protect the dreamers.

Like the turtle, also the gecko is seen as an animal that acts as an intermediary between earthly life and the afterlife.

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