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Meaning of flowers tattoo

The flower tattoos are considered a classic, especially on women.

Worldwide, the flowers are a symbol of youth, vitality, and victory over death. Normally during the wedding the bridesmaids bring with them flowers as a wish for fertility.

 A very common association is made with the sun. In fact, the flowers grow and spread in the spring, when daylight hours begin to increase. Lay flowers next to the graves of the dead comes down to this meaning of life that the flower brings.

 The most popular tattoos are rose and lotus flowers. The meaning of lotus tattoos and roses tattoos are very similar.

The lotus flower blooms during the morning and retired at sunset. The lotus symbolizes truth and enlightenment, but it can also represent the end of a love. Some people ask the flower lotus tattoo flower after the breakup of a relationship, to indicate the passing of this phase of life.

purple flower tattoo

The rose is a tattoo is chosen by men and women public. Roses are commonly associated to love feelings and passion. By varying of petals colour, however, different meanings are given. For example, the red rose means love, romance and courage. The rose with pink petals is a symbol of grace and admiration. A white rose tattoo symbolizes the eternal love and innocence. A yellow rose communicates joy, kindness and devotion.

We havenít to forget that many varieties of flowers exist, popular also in the world of tattoos.

We have for example the cherry blossoms that symbolize love and feminine beauty.
The lily indicates purity, although we can have different meanings for different types of lily.
For example, the calla is a symbol of beauty, while an orange lily stands for hatred.
The orchid flowers communicate mystery, but Iris is symbol of passion.

Finally, the daffodil is the symbol of self-esteem, while the sunflower symbolizes loyalty.

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