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Meaning of fantasy tattoo

Among the fantasy tattoos we can remember fairies, gnomes and elves tattoo, always in the imagination of man. The nature of these tattoos communicates the personality of the person who chooses them a dreamy, imaginative and creative temperament.

Make a fantasy tattoo can simply be done to have an image of purity and of nature that these fantastic figures have, or to dream having a bit of magic.

The fairies, in the mythology, were magical creatures, able to predict the future, to change the look and to change it to others. They are usually described as very small being, with wings and ears elongated.

The fairies are present in the folklore of many European peoples, inheriting the powers of ancient tribal gods of pagan origin. The fairies are not considered classic angels, but guardians of the forest and of many small animals.

The tattoo of a fairy is generally selected by a female audience. When a man chooses a fairy tattoo, the style is different from what is chosen by a woman. In this case the fairy looks more like a pin-up, with half-naked body often designed in a seductive pose.

The most chosen positions chosen for this type of tattoo are the arms, lower back, ankles and shoulder.

fairy on branch tattoo

There are other characters that populate the fantasy world. There are, for example, the gnomes, that are fairy creatures like as small men. They are traditionally represented as a bearded and mustachioed, with characteristic conical hats, often colored in red. These personage live in the woods, and are closely related to nature where they live. They have a reputation to be hard workers, so have the gnomes in the garden is considered a beneficial sign, for helping in the daily work.

The goblins are small creatures but with a cute and playful character, found in many traditional European tales. Normally they inhabit the burrows of the coniferous woods, and they almost always come out at night to have fun making spiteful. A person that chooses a goblin tattoo is a person with a playful and cheerful spirit, as the spirit of children.

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