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Meaning Eagle tattoo

In ancient times the eagle was the Sun God, symbol of light and strength. The eagle was used to represent the Greek god Zeus, the god the most powerful of all Greek gods. For this reason, the eagle is a symbol of strength and power.

In military this symbol has a very important story. As an emblem, it flew over the battlefields in Europe. The Roman legions marched under the banners of silver eagle with outstretched wings. The Emperor Charle Magne made eagle with two head his emblem, a head to represent the German Empire, the other the Holy Roman Empire. So the eagle became a patriotic symbol of protection of own country. Even police officers and fire fighters use to have this tattoo.


The figure of eagle is often connected with the United States. In this Country, in fact, the eagle is on the banknotes, as well as near the flag of stars and stripes. In this context, the eagle is seen as a symbol of honor, loyalty and absolute dominance, having always been the undisputed queen of heaven.

entire eagle tattooAnother popular meaning of the eagle tattoo is liberty. The eagles are seen as a bird that is bound to anything, above the heavens and watches everything from above. This symbol transmits an image of freedom and power to succeed throughout in the life. This tattoo is much loved by rebels, and who wants to feel always free, at any cost.

There are several ways to design this tattoo. We can have a flying eagle with spread wings, or an eagle, with wings closed, ready to take flight. If it is sitting, it may represent the fact that you are ready to act in your life. If the eagle is already in flight, it may mean that you are already following an important destination in your life. We can represent the eagle with its natural look, but there’s also the chance to portray it Celtic or tribal style.

The tattoo is often done by the male audience, on the back, covering most of the back. Women may choose a smaller place, such as the ankle.

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