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Meaning of dragon tattoo

There are several meanings related to the figure of dragon. There is a different meaning changing the type of tattooed dragon.

The most tattooed dragons are the oriental dragons. They are seen as benevolent creatures protectors of life, bearer of fertility and good luck.

One of the most popular types of dragons that people want to make a tattoo is the Chinese dragon.

This tattoo symbolizes wisdom and good will, which are the meanings that the ancient Chineses have given to this mythical beast.

dragon red eyes tattoo

In Japan, the dragon has the meaning of balance. It is seen as a creature who is able to balance the yin and yang of life. Who wants this tattoo, communicates to search for balance in life.

In medieval Europe the dragon was a creature much more negative. In this case, the dragons were seen as the evil fire-breathing creatures, whose ferocity terrorizes the people.

Nowadays, the dragons are seen as intelligent and free creatures. The dragon has become a symbol of freedom around the world and at the same wisdom.

In general, men tend to use dragon tattoos to represent courage, strength, wisdom and reason.
For a woman, however, a dragon tattoo means to communicate a message of creation and protection of life, as well as strength.

The dragon tattoo has the advantage of being a drawing very fluid, which can conform and adapt to the contours of any part of the body.

Men usually do this tattoo on their arm, shoulders, legs or chest. Instead, women prefer the shoulder, neck, ankle or foot.

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