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Meaning dolphin tattoo

The dolphin is a popular animal in the world of tattoos, with a long history between the coastal and maritime cultures.
These animals live in a community where they protect each other, in harmony with each other. They have their own way to communicate and have a lively and playful feature.


Dolphins have strong family dynamics and developed sense for the game. This makes a tattoo attractive to people who has these characteristics.


Another feature of dolphins is freedom. This is another quality much sought from people that look for a tattoo. Other qualities very present in these mammals are their playfulness, loyalty and intelligence.

black white dolphin tattoo
The dolphin is an animal traditionally dear to the Mediterranean civilizations, which have always considered a friend of men and children. For the ancient Greeks was a symbol of divinity and wisdom, the Cretans believed that when a man died, his soul was escorted by a group of dolphins in the afterlife.
This animal has long been associated with mermaids and sea creatures, even though it has never been considered a dangerous animal.

The Celts had a long and complicated relationship with the dolphin. They considered it a positive sea creature, and believed that the dolphin could remove the guilt from the crimes or provide forgiveness to those who needs it. This symbol of redemption, in a moral or spiritual, have made the dolphin a symbol of rebirth.

Tattoos in Maori style are also common because dolphin is a present animal in these cultures. Along with other marine mammals they have been considered a very important symbol in Native American cultures.

The sailors from around the world see the dolphin as a symbol of protection and guidance, considered that often playfully escort ships in travel or defended by sharks men lost at sea.

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