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Meaning butterfly tattoo

The butterfly is an insect very special, that undergoes a metamorphosis from an initial state in which it is a caterpillar, and then it lives a short life in his new status as butterfly.

For its characteristics, the butterfly is a symbol of change, of the transience of life and beauty, being a very elegant-looking insect.


Other symbols, connected to butterfly are freedom and lightness.

In the story, however, every culture has wanted to give a special meaning to this insect.
For example, the greek-roman culture considered the butterfly a symbol of the soul that leaves the body. In Germany see this insect was an omen of coming births. For this reason, future mothers wanted to tattoo this insect on occasion of a first child.

traditional butterfly tattoo

For the Aztec people instead it represented a symbol of fire and sun.
In the East, despite its short life, the butterfly is used to indicate long-lived, as it corresponds to the number seventy, so wishing “Butterfly” to a person, other seventy years of life are hoping.

In Japan, the butterfly represents the woman and her virginity, while two butterflies together depict marital happiness.
China is the symbol of the young man eager to experience his sexuality in erotic games.

The tattoo of a butterfly is chosen, especially by women. The body parts most often used for tattooing this tattoo are the shoulder, wrist, ankle and breast.

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