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Meaning angels tattoo

In Christian tradition, angels are spiritual beings, and are considered the messengers of God, as well as guardians of souls. The name derives from a Greek word which means messenger. Each person has a guardian angel, to help his soul to achieve eternal salvation.

The angels symbolize protection and safety for people who takes them.
We can find them tattooed in two ways: a representation of human form, or in its most characteristic feature, the wings.
They are also designed to commemorate dead friend, as a way to remember him and take in the heart.

angel woman sitting tattoo

The main significance then for this tattoo are spirituality, love and protection.
Another common theme is the eternal struggle between good and evil in which Archangels are shown in battle.
Sometimes people ask for a tattoo of a black angel, to represent the love for the darker side of life.

Usually the most common place for an angel tattoo is on the upper arm or chest for boys and on the shoulder or abdomen for females. Other body positions used for this tattoo are the inside of the wrist or feet.
Also the angels wing tattoo is widespread. It can be tattooed on back, and take up the entire back.

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