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Scarab Tattoo Meaning


The scarab bug is a dung beetle that rolls balls of animal dung into a hole it has dug for its larvae to hatch on and feed upon. To the fascination of the ancient Egyptians, the scarab’s actions were taken to mimic the cycle of the sun moving across the horizon.

Most likely from this observation, the emblem of a scarab carrying a solar disk was conceived.

In ancient Egyptian art, the scarab is often depicted having falcon wings, an association with the sky god, Horus. Because of its relation to the sun, the beetle was a symbol of resurrection and the afterlife. Hence, winged scarab adornments were found on mummies in tombs as royal seals and protective amulets. Its actions of rolling balls of dung to create a nest for its larvae also made the scarab a symbol of creation, birth, regeneration and protection.

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