Om Tattoo Meaning


Not to be confused with ‘ohm’, which refers to the derived unit of electrical resistance, Om (or sometimes spelled ‘Aum’) is a mystical syllable with complex, esoteric meaning. Deriving from Hinduism, the symbol for ‘Om’ is written in Sanskrit.

So what exactly does Om mean? There is no particular meaning in a verbal context. Om is said to be the first sound vibration that was produced when all of creation came into existence. It is the vibration of the supreme. As such, many Hindu and Buddhist prayers and mantras begin with an utterance of ‘Om’.

One does not have to be of any particular faith to appreciate the symbolism of this magical sound. In fact, Om is widely used by modern yoga practitioners as a single syllable chant to focus and tune in to the inner workings of the mind during meditation. If you truly believe in the spiritual and meditative aspects of Om, then a tattoo of this symbol can be the right choice for you.

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