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Eye of Horus Tattoo Meaning


Also known as the Eye of Ra and wedjat, the Eye of Horus belongs to the falcon-headed Egyptian sky god. It is regarded as a symbol of royal power and protection in ancient Egypt, and has been found adorning ships, jewelry and used as a sacred amulet.

The eye is representative of the sun, and like the bright sun, it is all-seeing. It is also believed to have protective powers against evil spirits, or as a tattoo, it can simply stand for a love and appreciation of ancient Egyptian culture.

When choosing an Eye of Horus tattoo design, be aware of which direction it is pointing. Rightfully, it should be a right eye. That’s because according to mythology, the right eye of Horus represents the sun, while his left eye represents the moon. Horus lost his left eye in a battle with his brother, Seth.

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