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Lightning Tattoo Meaning


There are few displays of nature’s might as spectacular and fearsome as the sight of the electrical charges that rips across the sky as a prelude to a thunderstorm and rain. Throughout time, plenty of myths, superstitions and tales have been spun to explain the occurrence of lightening.

Most ancient tales told of lighting as a divine force of destruction; usually as weapons wielded by gods. In ancient Greece, for instance, lightning bolts were believed to be thrown by the King of Gods, Zeus.

In Norse mythology, lightning were sparks that flew from the mighty war hammer of Thor, the Thunder God, whenever it hits the target.

Because it can destroy whatever it struck, the most basic symbolic meaning for lightning is divine intervention. Lightning strikes can deliver the swift inevitable destruction that creates lasting, impactful changes. Since lightning is often accompanied by storm and rain, both crucial elements for crop growth in ancient times, it has also been considered a symbol of fertility and abundance. On a more personal level, lightning represents speed, an “electrifying” personality or a fateful life-altering event.

There are many possibilities to depict lightning in tattoo art, ranging from iconographic tribal designs to detailed realism. Not to mention, there are countless tattoo symbols that can go with lightning. One is only limited by their own imagination when choosing a lightning tattoo.

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