Devil Tattoo Meaning


A supernatural entity known by many names Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles the devil is evil personified. In the Christian tradition, the Devil was the archangel, Lucifer who fell from God’s grace as a result of his ego, and was cast out of heaven.


At the very basic, the devil is a represents chaos, sin, depravity and all the worst aspects of the human condition. However, not everyone who bears a devil tattoo is an evil satanic cult follower. In fact, such individuals make up a very tiny handful of body art aficionados.

Devil tattoo designs are varied, ranging from detailed menacing renders to cute cartoonish caricatures. Most tattoo lovers choose to have the devil inked on them as a statement of rebellion and challenging what is consider socially appropriate. More lightheartedly, devil tattoos are meant to express a mischievous, slightly wicked and sin-prone side of a person’s character. It can also be an acknowledgement that as human beings, we are not perfect. After all, isn’t there’s a little devil in all of us?!

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