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Bear Tattoo Meaning


The bear is among the animals with a wide range of tattoo symbolic meaning, because almost every continent has folklores about this dangerous yet gentle creature. The most prominent legends about the bear come from the North America.


In Native American shamanism, the bear is regarded as a supernatural creature because of its ability to walk upright like humans. In British Columbia, Canada, the indigenous Haida tribe regarded the bear as a symbol of spirituality, wisdom, protection and motherhood. Many shamanistic rituals were performed in honor of the bear as a totem animal, believing it has a link to the spirit world.

A bear tattoo can signify courage, strength, and a deep connection with nature. Because bears go into hibernation during the winter and re-emerge again in spring, they can also symbolize resurrection and renewal. Bear tattoos can also be represented by the animal’s paw prints, which signify stability, power and mobility.

One can also opt for a more whimsical interpretation of the bear by going for an adorable teddy bear tattoo, which carries the symbolism of childhood innocence, love, comfort and affection.

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