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Wolf Tattoo Meaning

There are many mythologies, folklores and beliefs about the wolf, casting the animal in both good and bad light. As such, there is a wide range of symbolic meaning to a wolf tattoo.
By nature, wolves are sociable animals. They live and hunt in packs, and mate only once in a lifetime. So, at the most basic, the wolf symbolizes a sense of belonging, respect, family, comradeship and loyalty. Perhaps the cultural tradition which the wolf held the most significance and is often identified with is Native American shamanic traditions. As a totem spirit, the Natives regard the wolf as a loyal protector, guide, communicator and cunning trickster.
In shamanic traditions, the wolf is also often associated with the moon, which is linked to intuition and feminine principals. An image of a wolf howling at a full moon represents a person’s hidden nature yearning to be expressed. This association gave the wolf a special meaning when tattooed on a woman’s body. It implies that every woman has a wild, creative and instinctive inner being that is being suppressed by societal norms. When a woman bears a wolf tattoo, it can mean that she is in touch with her inner she-wolf, the intuitive and fearless side of her nature. It also means that she has a strong desire to allow hidden aspect of her persona to break free from all constrains.
On men, the single image of the wolf can represent the ‘lone wolf’, a younger male pup who left the herd in search of his own territory and mate. It symbolically means the quest to find one’s place in this world, or simply a man who live by his own rules.

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