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Orchid Tattoo Meaning


Unlike other flowers, the orchid has a unique shape with almost geometric petals. In a lot of cultures, orchids are associated with both male and female sexuality.

The name of the flower itself derived from the Greek word orchis, which means ‘testicles’. It was named such because of the shape of the plant’s root tubers.

In ancient Greece, the orchid is a potent symbol of virility and fertility. It was believed that consuming orchid root tubers can help a couple conceive, and that the size of the tubers eaten can determine the gender of the baby. In China, orchid is considered a flower that could bestow descendent luck upon a married couple.

By nature, orchids are exotic flowers that only bloom in the tropics, yet they can blossom under most conditions. This makes the orchid a symbol of luxury. In Victorian England, a gift of orchids to one’s beloved is a declaration of undying love, as it was customary in those days that the rarer the gift means the deeper the love. With vibrant colors and symmetrical petal shape, the orchid also symbolizes beauty and perfection.

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