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Lotus Tattoo Meaning


The lotus is perhaps the most popular floral motif in oriental art, revered not only for its beauty, but also its rich spiritual significance.


In Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus is regarded as a symbol of purity, perfection and enlightenment. In fact, the very nature of the flower is something we should strive to imitate. The lotus germinates and blooms in a muddy pond, yet emerges completely unaffected and untainted by its surroundings. Metaphorically, it reminds us to always remain independent in our way of thinking and be pure at heart, if we are to survive and thrive in this ever-complex world.

A lotus tattoo is a great choice to celebrate having endured a period of hardship with grace and dignity, and coming out of it clean and unharmed. It can also signify a personal conviction to rise above societal norms, and not allow oneself be influenced and dictated by conventional wisdom.

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