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Rose Tattoo Meaning


There is no doubt that the rose is the most requested of all floral tattoos. Its beauty and rich symbolism made it a popular motif among both men and women.


The primary symbolic meaning of a rose is love. However, depending on how it is drawn and what accompanied the flower in a design, a rose tattoo can have deeply personal and individualized meaning. For instance, a rose with thorns means to be cautious in love, because love can also cause pain. At the same time, the design can also send the message, ‘you can look, but you can’t touch’. In Christianity, the rose is a symbol of the Virgin Mary, signifying beauty, purity, sacrifice and perfection.

The colors of roses also carry different meanings. Red roses signify passion, love and romance; pink roses are for gentleness and grace; yellow roses mean friendship and affection; orange roses indicates zest, enthusiasm and excitement in life; white roses symbolize purity, innocence and youth; black are for death and darkness, and blue roses mean creativity and imagination.

Whatever design you choose, you can’t go wrong with a rose tattoo.

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