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Phoenix Tattoo Meaning


The tale of the phoenix appeared in the mythology of many early civilizations, from the Far and Middle East to Greece and Rome. Legend has it that the fire bird is immortal. When it grew tired of the world, it would build a nest and burn itself in it.

Three days later, it would reemerge from its own ashes.

Because of its unique life cycle, the phoenix is often associated with the sun; a bright and burning light that dies at the end of the day, and then rise again at dawn.

Hence, in western cultures, the phoenix often symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Metaphorically, this idea refers to an individual’s indomitable spirit. There may come times of adversary in our lives where we have to die a little inside to be reborn again stronger and better.

In the orient, the phoenix is normally associated with feminine power, grace and virtue. It is considered the female counterpart to the male dragon. When depicted together, the image of the dragon and phoenix represents the principles of yin and yang, a perfect harmony of masculine and feminine virtues.

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