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Fate Tattoo Meaning


Dictionary defines ‘fate’ as, “The development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.” The belief and concept of fate varies greatly among different cultures, religion and even more so with individuals.


As such, tattoo designs representing fate is highly personalized. It could be an image that symbolizes one’s outlook of uncontrollable life events. The idea can also be represented by a portrait of a departed loved one whose life was taken by the hands of fate that is if you manage to find an exceptional tattoo artist who specializes in realistic portraits.

Script tattoos are probably the most common expression of fate. The beauty of script tattoos is that it is simple and straight-forward, yet it adorns the body elegantly. It could be just the word itself, inked in bold, large, fancy font, perhaps in a foreign language. It could also be in a different script, such as Chinese characters, Sanskrit or Russian lettering. If just the word ‘fate’ will not do, one can opt for a famous saying or personal quote reflecting their belief in the workings of a higher power.

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