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Clover Tattoo Meaning


It is hard to imagine a symbol more Irish than clovers. Tattoos of shamrocks and four-leaf clovers are often chosen as a proud display of one’s Irish heritage, and also as potent symbols of good fortune.

The shamrock has been such a mainstay in Irish culture that even in ancient times, a Christian symbolism had to be attached to it for the people of Ireland to accept and adopt the religion. Legend has it that when St. Patrick now patron saint of Ireland travelled across the Emerald Isle to preach Christianity, he used the three leaves of the clover to explain the Holy Trinity.

Lucky are those who managed to find a shamrock with an extra leaf, because the odds of finding a four-leaf clover are believed to be one in 10,000! Hence, the expression “luck of the Irish” was coined. The four leaves of this elusive clover represent hope, faith, love and luck.

Never mind that it is extremely hard to pick a four-leaf clover from the wild, it is also impossible to breed them.

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