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Mjolnir Tattoo Meaning


The weapon wielded by Thor, the mighty Nordic thunder god, was considered the greatest treasure among the gods. Hurled across the sky, it creates thunderbolts. The hammer never missed its mark and always magically returned to the thunder god’s hand.


Archeological finding across Scandinavia found tombs of men and women, buried with mjolnir amulets in various shapes and sizes, from an arrow-like shape to those that closely resembles the Christian cross. The mjolnir was a symbol of power and protection, and was widely used as a protective talisman in ancient Norway.

Unfortunately, like several pagan symbols, the mjolnir was once unjustly given a bad reputation due to being misused by some hate groups. The name itself was once used as the name for propaganda cartoons by Nazi cartoonist, Hans Schweitzer who thought of his work as weapon he was flinging against enemies of National Socialism. As such, the mjolnir was adopted by certain neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.

Its brief association with the Nazis need not be a reason to avoid getting a mjolnir tattoo, because its association with thunder and lightning was not lost. Thanks to neo pagan movements in the west, the original significance of Thor’s hammer as a protective amulet has been restored.

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