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Spider Tattoo Meaning


Almost all cultures have a story about spiders, since they can be found in nearly every part of the world. In Native American folklores, there is a story of the Spider Woman who existed at the dawn of creation to teach people the art of weaving.

So, for the Natives, spiders are teachers and keepers of wisdom. As it weaves a web to trap unsuspecting victims, the spider can be adopted as a symbol of creativity and cunning.

Before deciding on a spider and web tattoo, one should also be aware of its association with prisoners. Based on prison tattoo customs, a spider is a mark of doing time for racism related crimes. If a spider is depicted in the center of the web, it symbolizes a life dedicated to crime. A spider climbing out of the web signifies that a person is reforming. An empty spider web can mean being ‘trapped in a web’ of drug addiction, or it can also be an indication of how long one’s prison sentence is, with each ring representing one year.

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