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Religious tattoos symbols

Triquetra Tattoo Meaning


Of the many intricate ornamental Celtic knots, the triquetra or trinity knot is perhaps the most popular due to its simplicity and rich symbolism.

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Fire Tattoo Meaning


As one of the four natural elements, fire can serve as either a life-giving or destructive force. In small quantities, it aids in survival by providing warmth and lighting the darkness. When allowed to grow uncontrollably, fire consumes and destroys.

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Tree Tattoo Meaning


There is nothing in nature that can be a more obvious indicative of change as trees. As the foliage of trees change in accordance to the four seasons, it is a constant reminder to us that change is constant, for without it we will stagnate.

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Scarab Tattoo Meaning


The scarab bug is a dung beetle that rolls balls of animal dung into a hole it has dug for its larvae to hatch on and feed upon. To the fascination of the ancient Egyptians, the scarab’s actions were taken to mimic the cycle of the sun moving across the horizon.

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Om Tattoo Meaning


Not to be confused with ‘ohm’, which refers to the derived unit of electrical resistance, Om (or sometimes spelled ‘Aum’) is a mystical syllable with complex, esoteric meaning. Deriving from Hinduism, the symbol for ‘Om’ is written in Sanskrit.

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Eye of Horus Tattoo Meaning


Also known as the Eye of Ra and wedjat, the Eye of Horus belongs to the falcon-headed Egyptian sky god. It is regarded as a symbol of royal power and protection in ancient Egypt, and has been found adorning ships, jewelry and used as a sacred amulet.

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Buddha’s Eyes Tattoo Meaning


On almost all Buddhist shrines (stupas) in Nepal, there is a pair of giant eyes looking out from all four directions. These are the eyes of the Lord Buddha, also known as wisdom eyes, and a national symbol of Nepal.

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Ganesha Tattoo Meaning


Of the many deities in the Hindu pantheon, it is safe to say that Ganesha – the elephant god is one of the most intriguing and identifiable of them, even among non-devotees.

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Lightning Tattoo Meaning


There are few displays of nature’s might as spectacular and fearsome as the sight of the electrical charges that rips across the sky as a prelude to a thunderstorm and rain. Throughout time, plenty of myths, superstitions and tales have been spun to explain the occurrence of lightening.

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