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Maori tattoos symbols

Tiki Tattoo Meaning


In Maori mythology, Tiki was the first man created by god. The word now refers to large wood or stone carvings of humanoid figure that are used to mark sacred sites.

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Niho Mano – Shark teeth Tattoo Meaning


Shark teeth, known as niho mano in Polynesian language, is perhaps the most common motif in Polynesian tattoos. The pattern of triangles, arranged in a row to represent shark teeth, is incorporated in the designs of nearly all large tattoo pieces.

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Stingray Tattoo Meaning


The most common stingray tattoos are Polynesian-style tribal designs, done in the solid black colors. That is because with their love and reverence for the sea and aquatic life, the Polynesians see the stingray as a symbol of gentle strength, protection and achievement.

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Turtle Tattoo Meaning


Polynesian culture has a rich history and a distinct style of tattooing, and the turtle is one of the common motifs with endless design possibilities.

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Borneo Rosette Tattoo Meaning


Known as bunga teruong in the native Malay language, the Borneo rosette is a simple flower motif rendered in black ink, with a spiral pattern in the middle that represents the circle of life.

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Koru Tattoo Meaning


In the Maori language, ‘koru’ literally means ‘loop’. In traditional Maori art and design, the term refers to the spiral shape of an unfurling silver fern that is native to New Zealand.

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