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Tattoo’s care

Angel Woman Tattoo

It’s important to pay attention to the new tattoo’s care in the first days after the execution . The tattoo aspect depends also on the precautions taken once the tattoo artist ‘s work is finished.

At the end of sitting is applied a layer of Vaseline on the tattoo, to which is added a protective film and a bandage, that it is better to not remove for the first three or four hours.


After this time, you may remove the bandage, taking care to washed very well own hands. Gently wash the tattoo passing warm water with fingers on tattoo, to close the pores and remove any blood clots .

Dab and make dry the affected area with a paper cloth or a clean towel. Wait few minutes, then apply a thin layer of bepanthenol ointment, Vaseline or Cicatrene ointment.

3 tribal stars tattoo

It’s important to pay attention to possible infections, the risk to contract one of that, is higher in the early hours when the tattoo has been applied.

You can cover the tattoo with a sterile gauze or transparent film, to avoid dust or rubbings with clothes, especially if you attend dusty or dirty environments .

If possible, you should leave the tattoo uncovered, for greater hydration.

Take a tattoo daily washing, applying a layer aftercare product for 3/4 times a day.

During the first week, it isn’t recommended to expose the tattoo to sunlight or tanning treatments, as well as have a bath i the pool or at the beach. Do not remove any scabs that can be created from the skin, which could lose the color in tattoo areas.

When you have passed the first twenty days, after healing, you will keep the skin hydrated and healthy, avoiding harsh detergents to the skin. Remember then to protect your tattoo from the sun with adequate protective creams.

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