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Tips on choosing a tattoo


A tattoo is forever, because it is virtually impossible to return as before. There are nowadays laser treatments to remove tattoos, but they are painful and quite expensive. Here are some tips to follow, especially if this is the first tattoo for you.

Size and location. If you are not really passionate about tattoos and you know that your arms are not covered by huge drawings, we ask you to think two times before making a big drawing for all to see. Please start with small tattoo and out of sight. Then if you like the idea, you can continue, perhaps making one more obvious


Pain. In places where the skin is more delicate, the tattoo is more painful. Before embarking on this adventure, please think about your pain threshold.

Backside tattoo 25

– Do not give in to the fashions of moment. Today you may like to have a skull from jailbird on forearm. Even between few years will you think like so?

Names. Better not engrave names on the skin of boy-girlfriends, and at most brothers, sisters, parents, or children.

At this point you have a wide range of images available on this site for choosing the subject that suits to you.

Important is to rely on experienced hands for the realization of tattoo. Give names of the professionals and go talk to them. This is to see if they are really reliable, if the environment in which they work is hygienically suitable (as the eye recognizes a study uncared).

If you have chosen a tattoo in a particular style (Japanese, traditional or tribal), try to understand if the professional with you talk is specialized in that style. Also ask for the cost of the service. Gather all the information and choose the study that you feel better.

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