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Guide to tattoo

wings heart message tattooChoose to have a tattoo has changed meaning over the past 30 years. Our parents did it to transgress, but now the reasons that drive people to engrave a drawing in a part of body can have several meanings.

There are people that make it to emphasize belonging to a group, someone for fashion, but also to bring out what people have in transforming the body in subject of communication, through the indelible marks on the skin.

Generally, the reasons are the follows: a beginning or end of a love, imprint forever on own body a turning point of live, and to make stronger a friendship or to please oneself more.

Women make tattoos to seduce, while men have big and evocative drawings to focus on strength and virility.
It seems that who draws a tattoo on the right side of body live screened in the future and has an harmonious relationship with neighbor, while who wants to get a tattoo on the left side is tied to the past and has a personality more fragile.

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