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Tattoo’s care

Angel Woman Tattoo

It’s important to pay attention to the new tattoo’s care in the first days after the execution . The tattoo aspect depends also on the precautions taken once the tattoo artist ‘s work is finished. At the end of sitting is applied a layer of Vaseline on the tattoo, to which is added a protective film and a bandage, that …

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Dangers and health precautions on tattoos

Tribal Eagle Black And White Tattoo

The days that tattoos were exclusive to sailors, prison inmates and gang members are long gone; body art is quickly becoming the hallmark of the modern century, and has even broken into the mainstream. You could own a tattoo within a matter of minutes, and it because of this easy access to tattoo studios that more and more people are …

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Guide to tattoo

wings heart message tattoo

Choose to have a tattoo has changed meaning over the past 30 years. Our parents did it to transgress, but now the reasons that drive people to engrave a drawing in a part of body can have several meanings. There are people that make it to emphasize belonging to a group, someone for fashion, but also to bring out what …

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Tips on choosing a tattoo

Ying yang ice and fire tattoo

A tattoo is forever, because it is virtually impossible to return as before. There are nowadays laser treatments to remove tattoos, but they are painful and quite expensive. Here are some tips to follow, especially if this is the first tattoo for you. – Size and location. If you are not really passionate about tattoos and you know that your …

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Guide to Tattoo Removal

koru fern tattoo

Youthful self-expression is one thing, but going against the better judgement of your parentals and getting that blazing flames design that runs up your neck might be a decision you come to regret in later life. If your ink is becoming nothing more of a burden, you can get rid of it; at a price.

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