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Flowers tattoos symbols

Poinsettia Tattoo Meaning


In the United States, December 12 is national Poinsettia Day. Poinsettias are red blossoms usually associated with the month of December and Christmas. Hence, they are popular as Christmas decorations across North America.

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Orchid Tattoo Meaning


Unlike other flowers, the orchid has a unique shape with almost geometric petals. In a lot of cultures, orchids are associated with both male and female sexuality.

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Sunflower Tattoo Meaning


The sunflower may not be one of the most mainstream tattoo choices, but there is still some interesting symbolic meaning to it. To the ancient Incas, the sunflower was linked to the sun god. The flower was a symbol of worship, glory and gratitude.

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Lotus Tattoo Meaning


The lotus is perhaps the most popular floral motif in oriental art, revered not only for its beauty, but also its rich spiritual significance.

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Rose Tattoo Meaning


There is no doubt that the rose is the most requested of all floral tattoos. Its beauty and rich symbolism made it a popular motif among both men and women.

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