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Fantasy tattoos symbols

Gnome Tattoo Meaning


Most people would think of gnomes as friendly dwarfish figures in pointy hats that adorn gardens. This modernized depiction of gnomes actually deviates from the olden days.

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Fairy Tattoo Meaning


Little winged people who lived in the woods have been a regular feature in folk tales and legends, and they will continue to color our imagination.

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Phoenix Tattoo Meaning


The tale of the phoenix appeared in the mythology of many early civilizations, from the Far and Middle East to Greece and Rome. Legend has it that the fire bird is immortal. When it grew tired of the world, it would build a nest and burn itself in it.

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Fate Tattoo Meaning


Dictionary defines ‘fate’ as, “The development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.” The belief and concept of fate varies greatly among different cultures, religion and even more so with individuals.

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