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Celtic tattoos symbols

Triskell Tattoo Meaning


The triskell or triskele is a motif from early European cultures consisting of three interlocked spirals. The appearance of the symbol can be traced back as far as 3200 BC.

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Clover Tattoo Meaning


It is hard to imagine a symbol more Irish than clovers. Tattoos of shamrocks and four-leaf clovers are often chosen as a proud display of one’s Irish heritage, and also as potent symbols of good fortune.

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Sword Tattoo Meaning


Generally, sword tattoos are considered masculine symbols as they allude to the phallus, but this is just the most superficial interpretation. There are more to the sword than just a representation of manhood.

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Mjolnir Tattoo Meaning


The weapon wielded by Thor, the mighty Nordic thunder god, was considered the greatest treasure among the gods. Hurled across the sky, it creates thunderbolts. The hammer never missed its mark and always magically returned to the thunder god’s hand.

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Claddagh Tattoo Meaning


Instead of diamonds, the traditional engagement ring in Ireland bears the symbol of two hands presenting a crowned heart, known as the claddagh. There are numerous folk tales from the Emerald Isle about the claddagh, but the exact origin of this unique symbol is still a mystery.

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