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Animal tattoos symbols

Unicorn Tattoo Meaning


Stories of unicorns were around since early civilization as mentions of the creature can be traced back as far as to Mesopotamia and ancient Greece.

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Shark Tattoo Meaning


To the Maori people, the shark is a sacred fish, revered as the King of the Waters. Sharks are fearsome symbols of power, authority, victory and superiority.

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Frog Tattoo Meaning


It is safe to say that there isn’t another animal with a life cycle more unique then the frog. It starts of its life as a tadpole in the water, and gradually developed into a creature that walks both worlds.

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Spider Tattoo Meaning


Almost all cultures have a story about spiders, since they can be found in nearly every part of the world. In Native American folklores, there is a story of the Spider Woman who existed at the dawn of creation to teach people the art of weaving.

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Parrot Tattoo Meaning


The most colorful of birds with their ability to imitate human speech, the parrot is seen as a symbol of talent, communication, and intelligence.

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Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning


With fragile iridescent wings, dragonflies fly wherever the wind takes them and skitter across surfaces of water and causing small ripples, as if without a care in the world.

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Lizard Tattoo Meaning


Based on the simple fact that it can drop its tail to escape an enemy and re-grow a new one later, the lizard has come to signify the ability to let go, detachment, self-protection and survival.

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Lion Tattoo Meaning


Known as the King of Beasts or King of the Jungle, countless fables and folklores have been told about the lion around the world.

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Cat Tattoo Meaning


A cat tattoo can be a memorial for pet or a graphic representation of something deeper. In most ancient religions and mythology, cats are associated with feminine and lunar qualities.

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Tiger Tattoo Meaning


Arguably the most tattooed animal, the tiger can also be considered the most popular member of the cat family because of their beauty and the spirit they represent.

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